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Laura Prepon and Orange is the New Black

No ways she can leave the show!!! It’s like Kate Winslet walking out in the middle of the titanic, Ryan Goslin quitting on the Notebook… it’s just really unfair to the story! How do you not work out scheduling issues? How was this not discussed before?.. I get that they didn’t expect the show to be this huge but don’t take away Palex!!!

Laura Prepon Is Leaving "Orange Is The New Black" (For Now, At Least)

This better not be true. No ways they’d not have a contract with her!

What would you do today if you knew you would not fail?

Sorry Not Sorry - Naya Rivera : Review

I like that its a bit different to what’s currently out there and it IS catchy. Its kinda fun and slightly edgy but still… it’s not a pop record that’s up to the standard of big artists today.

I’m not surprised that the lyrics are shallow or by her musical direction (something I think the label dictated to gear towards the Glee tweens). I was expecting that and I don’t mind that she’s not doing the whole Amy Winehouse thing… but it’s bitchy that she called out Big Seans’ exes by name.. How would she feel?
I’m guessing that part is there as a teeth clenching attempt to generate hype.

I’m also wondering who this song was originally about because I’m pretty sure it was at the very least drafted before she was dating BS and later on adjustments were made. Also, while their relationship does seem cute and authentic, it’s hard not to wonder about how perfect it is for Naya to be dating him before dropping her debut record. She’s got really lucky circumstances.

Anyways, Im really curious to see how the single does and how much she’ll be promoting it… I don’t think this will be her big break but maybe the 2nd single will do the trick.

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I want to solely hang around with people who appreciate the brilliance of Orange is the New Black. It’s art.


"Next time it thunders, it’s Cory drumming."

Thursday’s Glee was kind of good.

Naya confirms she’s dating Big Sean!

they’re probably just friends, but i can’t deny that they look like a couple.


Naya Rivera on The Talk (03-20-13)

"I do not know if there is a God or not. But for better or worse, deep inside He dwells within me, this I believe. Like this, I am reminded of consciousness when I would forget otherwise." - S.L.K

One of the curses of being bisexual, friendly, playful, affectionate, and gregarious is that people of both sexes assume you are hitting on them